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Project Credits
Allen Roberson - Director, SC Confederate Relic Room & Military Museum
Mike Sponhour - Director of Public Relations, Budget & Control Board
Sarah Wooton Garrod - Chief Curator of Collections and Exhibitions
Jai Cassidy Shaiman - Public Information Coordinator, Web & Graphic Design
Jennifer Scheetz - USC Graduate Assistant, School of Library Information Science
J.R. Fennell - USC Graduate Intern, Public History Program, Department of History
Russell Church - Intern, USC History Department
Trimease King - USC Graduate Intern, College of Social Work
Beth Inman - Former Staff on Project
Wynne Overton - Former Staff on Project
The SC Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum would like to thank all who have contributed to the Write from the Front program since 2003. Your generosity and diligence has made this important program a success.

The Museum would also like to express gratitude to all of the Write from the Front Honorary Advisory Board Members: Rep. James Smith, Second Lieutenant, Platoon Leader, US Army; Andrew Carroll, NY Time Best Selling Author of War Letters; Senator John E. Courson, Chairman, SC Senate Education Committee, USMCR; Senator John Drummond, President Pro Tempore Emeritus of SC Senate; Phil Butler, Director, Office Veterans’ Affairs; Lt. Col. Rick Simmons, US Army; Capt. Alan Wilson, Army National Guard.



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